Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My friend Whitnee called at 11pm last night asking for prayer for Baby Lydia. Whitnee is a good friend of mine from Seminary and she had her first baby last Thursday via c-section. They have determined that she was born with a virus in her spinal fluid that caused her to stop breathing just after she was born. Whitnee was recovering at Baylor and they moved her baby to Cooks NICU. She has been in a whirlwind of emotion as she is overcoming the surgery, emotionally overwhelmed by Lydia's condition, and having to be sepearated for a few days inbetween. She has since been released and able to interact with Lydia some. She was told yesterday that once this virus passes Lydia should be ok, but might have a learning delay. They were in high spirits until last night when the hospital called to tell them that she had taken a turn for the worse and was struggling to breathe again. They had taken off the respirator, but were forced to put her back on and were concerned about her brain swelling. They suggested that Whitnee and her husband come back to the hospital due to the brain swelling and the fear that she may not make it through the night if that continued. I have not heard from her today to see what has happened, but I wanted to ask you all to continue to be in prayer with Josh and me for Whitnee and John and Baby Lydia. I know God is mighty, please pray for Baby Lydia’s health to be restored if it is His will, and for the Mills family. Also, hold you sweet baby even closer tonight and praise the Lord for the miracle of a healthy child.


Jennifer Poppy said...

I will pray for the family.

Allena said...

Please keep us updated, I am thinking about Whitnee and baby Lydia!