Wednesday, July 22, 2009 I think my blog is a reflection of my life with 2 kids. I agree with all of those mommies who told me that there is A BIGGGG difference between 1 kid and 2...yes there is!!! I did want to take some time to update on our summer and post some pics of the kiddos! We went to Panama City Beach, FL last week. It was a WONDERFUL trip and the girls did almost perfect. We enjoyed time with grandparents and great grandparents and the beach was BEAUTIFUL!! We are taking Kate to Schlitterbahn this weekend with Aunt Kristi, Uncle Jerrod and Cohen. Kate says that Cohen is her "best friend" and they are like 2 peas in a pod. It should be a fun day! Josh starts law school in just 3 weeks and I am hoping the Lord will just provide for our already CRAZY lives during the next 3 years. We've enjoyed his last 4 months at home between being employed and starting school and we are all very spoiled by daddy being around so much. It will be a big change for us, but no doubt where God has us! Elle is 6 months old today and is sitting up (some) and beginning to almost roll over. She is so precious and it just the best baby we could have ever asked for. Kate loves being a big sister still and is turning into such a girly girl. She LOVES dress up and shoes and beads. She talks constantly about nothing but we love all the funny things she says. later...they aren't loading because they are too big and I have to resize, resave and time for that now!


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